Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Introduction To The Gambia Business Updates

An independent blog out to fill the vacuum of business tabloid in The Gambia, gives the most up-to-date information on Gambia economy, business trends, industry and technology, market, commodities, agriculture, commerce, and health.

The Gambia Business Updates will provide an interactive forum for all the stakeholders in the economy to dilate on key economic issues. It will highlight notable success stories in corporate enterprises in the country as well as make a strong case for rural economic initiatives and small-scale enterprises by bringing them into the spotlight and improve their chances of getting access to micro-credit facilities. The seemingly insignificant entrepreneur of today might become the greater corporate juggernaut of tomorrow.

The Gambia Business Updates will also advocate for sub-regional economic integration, by suggesting the best ways to make it happen quickly. Increased economic interdependence among African countries by way of more trade will go a long way in extricating the continent from the morass of underdevelopment.

We exist for public interest!!!

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